International Summer Camp Montana La Moubra - (International Schools)
Philippe Studer & Tania Mathieu
Route de la Moubra 43
3963 Crans-Montana 1

Phone+4127 486 86 86
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In the heart of the Swiss Alps, the International Summer Camp Montana has been welcoming girls and boys of all nationalities between the ages of 8 and 17, for over 50 years. Enriched by this experience, our camp's aim is to develop the personality of our participants, whilst enriching their knowledge. It offers life in the great outdoors and individual and group sports in a stimulating setting and natural surroundings. The diverse programme of activities aims to fulfil these young people and give them the possibility to express their ‘joie de vivre'. Thanks to the co-educative nature and the social aspect of group life, children and teenagers acquire maturity and autonomy. By learning to respect other points of view and by living together, these girls and boys develop the basics of democracy.

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Sports and activities
The aim of the programmes is to develop the talents and physical aptitude of each participant. The activities are particularly diverse and thus suitable for individual adaptation.

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