Fall Cultural Tour


26-10-2019 | 02-11-2019

We offer you an autumnal visit on the theme of Men and their territories, which will take you on a journey across the continents.

12:00 pm at Restaurant L'Opale, Lens

• 12:00-14:00 - Fall menu proposal by our Chef Gregory Klein (3 courses, excluding drinks) 
• 14:00-15:00 - Visit the exhibition Before Time Began: you will discover the shimmering colours of Australian desert paintings, echoing those of the vines in our region in autumn, the attachment of Aboriginal peoples to their native land and the important role of plants in their life and art. 
• 15:00-15:30 - Travel to Vaas Castle in Flanthey: please plan your own means 
• 15:30-17:30 - Wine tasting and heritage tour of the habitat

CHF 69.-/person