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Coronavirus: Offen oder zu? Hier sind die neusten Vorschriften

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Coronavirus: Offen oder zu? Hier sind die neusten Vorschriften

Last update on 17 March, at 08:40
Information service
Due to the current situation concerning Coronavirus, the Crans-Montana Tourism & Congress tourist offices will remain closed until further notice. The entrance hall will be open to collect information brochures if required.

You can contact us via the Crans-Montana central information line by telephone, 7 days a week, between 9.00 and 17.30, on +41 (0)848 22 10 12, or by email at
Ski area
The ski area remains closed. Information regarding its reopening on 1st May 2020 will be posted on .

All restaurants are closed to the public from Monday 16 March at 18.30, except for food home delivery service and counter take-away. You can find businesses offering this service here: food home delivery service .

Businesses, shops and markets are closed, except for food shops and shops selling essential items, such as pharmacies. You can find the list of shops that are open here.
Am Montag, 16. März, hat der Bundesrat beschlossen, dass die Hotels entscheiden können, ob sie geöffnet bleiben wollen oder nicht. Die Liste .

Public transport

Der Regionalverkehr verkehrt nach den Fahrplänen. Auf den folgenden Linien werden ab dem 18. März 2020 um 19 Uhr keine Busse mehr verkehren:
  • 12.431 Wald von Crans - Aminona
  • 12.432 Der Ehripis - Vermala Matterhorn
  • 12.433 Les Ehripis - Moubra-See

Die Wiederaufnahme des Betriebs ist für den 13. Juni 2020 geplant.

All events have had to be cancelled. You will find information about specific events here.
Leisure activities & sport
All leisure areas, including the Moubra sports centre, Alaïa Chalet, the ice rink, curling hall, casino, Fondation Opale, cinema, library, nursery for holidaymakers and Bibi's House will remain closed until further notice.

Safety information
Safety information must be respected at all times. The public is urged to reduce travel to a minimum. It is highly recommended that people aged 65 and over and those who are at high- risk remain at home, do not look after children, and do not attend any public or private events, and do not use public transport except for medical or professional needs, or to buy essential items. People in quarantine must remain at home.

For any questions regarding travel in Switzerland, you will find recommendations for travellers here.

Details of the measures implemented by the Canton of Valais can be found here.

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