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Am Stram Gram : A family-favourite festival in the mountains

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  • _racine: Kids Festival
    Kids Festival
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Am Stram Gram : A family-favourite festival in the mountains

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Am Stram Gram : A family-favourite festival in the mountains 19-07-2019 - 21-07-2019


3963 Crans-Montana


« Am Stram Gram » is a touch of craziness that promises to entertain children as much as parents. It’s definitely going to be unruly, a « silly » weekend which will make Crans-Montana the capital of child’s play in the mountains !




Friday 19 July

At Arnouva, 10.00 onwards, games and activities

Concert by Gaëtan at 16h (FULLY BOOKED)


Saturday 20 and Sunday 21

In the heart of Crans-Montana, 10.00 until 18.00

Loads of adventures, giant games, crazy rides… (free)

Magic shows, circus, children’s songs … (free)

Workshops to learn while having fun … (from 5 to 15 francs)



Games Universe



1. Animal Farm
Put on your wellies and straw hat and come and say hello to some lovely animals !

2. The Magic Roundabout
A pumpkin, a sunflower, a ladybird or hairy little creatures, choose your ride and head through the streets on this outlandish ride !

3. The Musical Garden
Explore a garden of giant and wacky sound machines !

4. Freshwater sailors
All aboard landlubbers ! Watch out for freshwater sailors in this area with pirates and buccaneers !

5. Li’l chefs
Yum ! Prepare some lovely dishes in this giant kitchen.

6. Li’l builders
Put on your helmet, take control of the crane and let’s get down to some major construction !

7. In the land of the Eskimos
Just like being in the Far North, put on your ice skates and have fun on the ice floe.

8. Aqua’kids
A lake in the mountains, a desert island, a pedalo ride and why not a splash in the water ?


Fun workshops

*booking required




1. David Chocolat
Make you own bar in a laboratory and decorate it however you want: the tastiest experience !

Booking: here


2. Boulangerie Gerber
Get carried away by your imagination, decorate a delicious cupcake and take your own personalised treat home with you !

Booking: here


3. Boulangerie Taillens
Make your own fruit cake : a real treat to share with the whole family, or to eat yourself, for the greedy ones !

Booking: here


4. Yoga Chic : Relax while you enjoy a yoga session with your Mum, Dad or on your own. An ideal solution to unwind !

Booking: here


5. Alexandra Fritz
Develop your imagination by creating your own comic and take away a work of art that reflects your creative spirit !

Booking: here


6. Crans-Montana Library
Come and sit down for a while to read, then enjoy a little craft project based on books and paper !

Booking: here


7. Nora Robyr
Make a colourful garland or a driftwood mobile : simple craft projects that will brighten up your home !

Booking: here 



8. François Moser
Taste, touch, feel, guess. Be guided on a colourful sensory journey. A little game challenge to hone your senses and your appetite !

Booking on site

9. Le Haras d'Opale 
Build a friendship with a horse by setting off on an intimate little route with him, before stroking him and saying goodbye 

Booking on site

10. Swiss Mushing Company
Set off on an adventure with a husky, and let him guide you in an idyllic location in the mountains !

Booking on site


Bookings close on our website on Thursday 18 July 2019


Documents for download


 Brochure et programme complet 

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