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The history of golf

At the letter A on the golf course, meet Gaston Barras, a leading figure in the world of golf. He tells you how the history of Crans-Montana is closely connected to the sport.

Gaston Barras

Gaston Barras’ entire life has been closely linked to golf and its development in Crans-Montana. Born into a family of retailers in Montana, his maternal grandfather Ignace-Louis Rey opened a refreshment bar on the first golf course, which was created by the British in 1906. Gaston Barras grew up in Chermignon. Already a caddy at the age of six years old, he learned golf by playing in the meadows with his friends, quickly becoming a seasoned player, and as a teenager he left Valais for the first time to play in the Swiss French Championships in Lausanne.

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Hole n°7

On the famous Severiano Ballesteros course, Hole n°7 is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The 125 years project

Sylvie Doriot Galofaro, Samuel Bonvin and Martial Kamerzin will tell you more about the 125 years project and the history of the resort.

The hike

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