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The geological formation of the Alps

At the letter A in Aminona, meet the young geologist Julien Berthod. He explains how the Alps were formed, and talks about their geological particularities.

Julien Berthod

Julien Berthod was born in Geneva in 1981, but grew up in Africa, in Mali, then in Sierre, his hometown since 1985. His geology studies took him to Bern, then Neuchâtel and Grenoble. After finishing his work experience in the canton of Vaud, he joined his father Charly’s geology business in Sierre, taking over from him in 2015.

Passionate about sport, music and geology, he has frequently found himself roaming far flung nooks and crannies in the Crans-Montana region, both for work and pleasure.

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The Aminona region offers breathtaking views over the imperial crown of 4000m+ mountains.

The 125 years project

Sylvie Doriot Galofaro, Samuel Bonvin and Martial Kamerzin will tell you more about the 125 years project and the history of the resort.

The hike

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