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Soirée gourmande au Hameau des Lanternes

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Soirée gourmande au Hameau des Lanternes

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On the fringe of the festival, with its gourmet market, big wheel and all the entertainment in the heart of Crans, the Lantern Path leads each visitor into a timeless, fairytale winter universe, a place of enchantment and connection with Mother Nature.


Midway along this path - a 3km long snowy route linking Etang Long to Lake Moubra which is accessible to everyone - you can explore the « Lantern Village », and its three original mountain chalets.


It is in this magical area that we can grasp the origin of the festival, via a mountain myth that has quickly become legendary. In this enchanting setting, the organising committee of the Etoile Bella Lui Festival has decided to offer small groups an even more intimate and amazing experience.


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