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Geological Soundwalk: Le Vallon de la Tièche

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Geological Soundwalk: Le Vallon de la Tièche

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Geological Soundwalk: Le Vallon de la Tièche 28-09-2019

Vallon de la Tièche

3963 Crans-Montana


Above Crans-Montana, there is a wonderful quiet and wild hidden valley where the Tièche flows, a stream which has its source on the Plaine-Morte Glacier. We’ll be walking below the mineral world of the high mountains, between waterfalls, steep pastures, through larch forests and along the Tsittoret bisse. This exceptional natural environment has inspired the musicians Emilie Vuissoz and Didier Métrailler who will be presenting an extraordinary sound experience : they will create an original and enchanting musical performance with natural elements and sounds captured in the heart of Nature. This immersion in sound will be made possible with « Silent Party » type audio headsets. This excursion to the Tièche Valley invites you to an encounter between geology and sound creation for an original and emotional experience.


Date: Saturday 28 September 2019, 3 sessions (1 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon) Duration: around 3 hours, from 9.00 to 12.00, from 12.30 to 15.30 or from 16.00 to 19.00 (indicate your choice of session when booking).
Contributors: Emilie Vuissoz (vocals), Didier Métrailler (percussion, electro), Thierry Basset (geologist) and Yves Metry (sound engineer).
Number of participants: group of 25 to 35 people.
Meeting place: Colombire Ecomuseum (altitude 1,850 m) above Aminona, accommodation possible (079 220 35 94); car-sharing or public transport is very much encouraged. Programme: easy walk to the site, 30 to 40 minutes along the Tsittoret bisse; the geologist will tell the story of the Tièche Valley on the way ; stops with musical performances in Nature, the musicians will be performing in real time, inspired by the atmosphere of the place and its geological history ; drink with the artists at the end of the performance.
Transport and walk: approximately five kilometre walk, firstly along a bisse, then on a mountain path and forest tracks, climb of around 250m.
Weather : in the event of a bad weather forecast the day before the event, the excursion may be postponed or cancelled.
Price per person: 44.- CHF, free for children under 12 (limited places). 38.- CHF for inhabitants of the park communes, and members of « Le Chant des Lieux » association. With the support of the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park.
Prices includes: organisation of the Soundwalk, geologist’s stories on the walk, musical performance by two musicians, the sound engineer’s work, sound equipment and drink at the end of the session.
Price does not include: transport, insurance.
Updated information: you will receive all the final information around 4 days before the excursion, including the exact meeting point, required equipment and a list of participants for car-sharing.
Production and organisation: GEOL, « Le Chant des Lieux » and the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park.


Booking required:

Geological Soundwalk: Le Vallon de la Tièche le
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