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Haute Route Crans-Montana 2020

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    Haute route

Haute Route Crans-Montana 2020

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Haute Route Crans-Montana 2020 03-07-2020 - 05-07-2020


3963 Crans-Montana

Introducing the Haute Route

Rookie or expert, you will tackle the highest, steepest, most world-renowned cycling terrain. You will push yourself to your physical and mental limits – and experience what it’s really like to ‘ride like a pro’. Hundreds of riders from around the globe, representing nearly 50 nationalities, take part in the Haute Route events that are a mix of Classic and Marathon stages, plus an Individual Time Trial. Each stage is timed and ranked (rankings for each stage are published daily, with overall ranking published at the end of each event by male, female and team). Riders can enter as individuals or as teams and a few exceptional riders take on two events (Iron Riders) or all three (Triple Crown Riders).

With professional level event organisation including medical teams, mechanical support, rolling road security, film crews and, of course, massages, you will be 100% immersed in the world of cycling for seven unforgettable days.

In addition to the full seven-day events, a new compact format has been added to the Haute Route family to allow new riders to ‘taste’ the Haute Route before committing to a week-long event. The Haute Route Compact that will run concurrently with the opening two stages of the Haute Route Alps.



Haute Route Crans-Montana 2020le
Haute Route Crans-Montana 2020le
Haute Route Crans-Montana 2020le
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