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Ambassadors of Music USA - Washington

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Ambassadors of Music USA - Washington 17-07-2018

Orangerie, Ycoor

3963 Crans-Montana






Free concert. Washington with 240 musicians.


For the 13th year in a row, the Ambassadors of Music USA 2018 have set their sights on the wonderful Crans-Montana Haut Plateau region, which has become a favourite destination on their musical adventure.


These young musicians are taking part in a European tour, which takes them to London, Paris and finally Crans-Montana, before continuing their journey through Lichtenstein, Austria and Germany. Sharing their music is the guiding principle as they travel throughout Europe.


These young people, chosen amongst the best musicians in their schools and universities, are from all four corners of the USA, and form massed bands which can have as many as 495 members !


Their varied and eclectic musical styles, ranging from harmony to jazz, via gospel, brass band and classical, will delight and provide a pleasant evening.


14 concerts,featuring almost 3,886 musicians and singers, this is the programme for music-lovers in Crans-Montana this summer, from 20 June until 23 July 2018

Ambassadors of Music USA - Washingtonle de 20:30 à
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