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Cave des Oasis

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Cave des Oasis

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Cave des Oasis

Route de Granges 42

3978 Flanthey

The Cave des Oasis was founded in 1973 by Joseph Briguet, and since 1999 it has been run by Yves and Jacqueline Clivaz-Briguet. It is located in Flanthey, within the commune of Lens. The 8 hectares of terraced vines are located on the right bank of the Rhône, between St.-Léonard and Sierre. The vineyards are made up of 42 plots, on which 16 different grape varieties are cultivated. If you visit the vineyard, you can discover the family vineyard, the barrel chair and also savour your favourite wines in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Opening hours
Monday - Saturday: until 18:00 Preferably bookings in advance.
Sunday: closed
Brands representing

Vins Rouges : Gamay, Dôle, Pinot Noir, Humagne Rouge, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Diolinoir, Cornalin barrique, Gamaret-Garanoir, Pinot Noir barrique, Pinot flétri / Vins Blancs : Brut du Valais, Fendant, Johannisberg, Pinot Blanc, Païen, Arvine, Amigne, Malvoisie, Douceur Automnale, Muscat

Les 18 vins blancs, rosés et rouges sont produits exclusivement avec des raisins de l'exploitation. 

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