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You’ll find all the details of events taking place in the 2017/2018 winter season in this section.

Results of research 23-01-2018 03-05-2018


09-12-2017 - 07-04-2018 Night Skiing

Ski by night ? Dare to try it !

06-01-2018 - 16-02-2018 Photography class

Photography class only available in French.

07-01-2018 - 01-04-2018 Hanging breakfast

A 45-minute journey that takes you for an unusual breakfast in suspension between the Plaine Morte’s glacier and Les Violettes, with a breathtaking view.

14-02-2018 KISS AND WIN

A T-Bar, two people, one kiss, a surprise!

10-03-2018 Tables éphémères: Ski Food Safari

Participants are invited to ski, board or snowshoe between stops at different mountain restaurants in the ski area.

31-03-2018 - 07-04-2018 Sunrise at 3000m

We're often amazed by the pink of the Alpine summits as the sun reaches them in the early morning.

02-04-2018 Easter Egg Hunt

How many eggs Bugs Bunny hid in his Arnouva's Garden?

05-04-2018 - 06-04-2018 Cine Mountain

Ciné Mountain revient pour une 2ème édition hivernale. Un film sous les étoiles ? Venez découvrir un cinéma open air à Arnouva, au cœur du domaine skiable.

07-04-2018 - 08-04-2018 Spring Session

The Crans-Montana Snowpark will be completely reshaped, lengthened and adapted, making the most of the last mounds of snow that have survived.

Weekly activities

29-12-2017 - 06-04-2018 Art aborigène. Territoire du Rêve. Visite guidée

Découvrez le Territoire du Rêve à travers une visite culturelle dans l’environnement alpin de Crans-Montana.


20-12-2017 - 11-04-2018 Kites Day

Kites day at 3000m !

28-12-2017 - 01-04-2018 Snow Groomer's Party

Watch out! The « high decibels » snow groomer will be out and about. To find it, listen carefully for the upbeat sounds! DJ & mobile Bar awaits you!

28-12-2017 - 02-04-2018 Introduction to the Snowkite

Try a new fun and accessible activity on the ski area supervised by a certified kiteboard instructor!

06-01-2018 - 24-02-2018 First Tracks

First skiers, first tracks! Reach the glacier before everyone else. Schuss, carve or scull, the exclusivity to draw the first tracks is yours!

04-02-2018 - 11-03-2018 Avalanche Victim Detector Park

Avalanche Victim Detector Park Come refresh your avalanche victim research skills! A patrolman will remind you of the key gestures of an avalanche rescue.

11-02-2018 - 02-03-2018 Après-ski @ Cry d'Er

The only après-ski at the top of the slopes offering breathtaking sunsets over the Alps.

17-02-2018 Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #3 - Feder & Blutch

Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #3 - Feder & Blutch. Experience an unforgettable gastronomic & musical experience at more than 2000m.

24-02-2018 Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #4 - Damian Lazarus & Djebali

Damian Lazarus has used his role as a DJ, label owner and now musician to nurture and share the most exciting and experimental music on the planet.