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26-12-2019 - 26-03-2020 Ski touring by night

Over the course of four evenings, the Merbé restaurant will be open to welcome night-time skiers.

26-01-2020 - 08-03-2020 Sunrise at Plaine Morte

The early bird catches the worm! Morning comes, and the sun’s first rays light up the mountains, offering a unique 360° view.

27-02-2020 Carnival on the ski slopes

Come and spend a day celebrating Carnival at the Arnouva and enjoy a variety of activities, from Guggenmusik to face painting. Free.

14-03-2020 - 15-03-2020 Crans-Montana Snow Party

Take part in the BIG PARTY of the Crans-Montana ski area, which will bring together young and old, snowboarders and pedestrians. Entertainment and fun and sporting events will be waiting for you!

Weekly activities

22-12-2019 - 15-03-2020 Cor des Alpes

When the Alphorn rings out across our mountains, it is time for a little socialising.

31-12-2019 - 15-03-2020 Snowgroomer

Warning! “High decibel” output from the snow groomer! Listen carefully to find it! Don’t wait until après-ski to have fun!

04-01-2020 - 14-03-2020 First Tracks on the sloaps

Enjoy a unique experience by being the first to make tracks on the groomed slopes from the Plaine Morte glacier!

12-01-2020 - 08-03-2020 Parc DVA accompagné

Come and refresh your knowledge of avalanche victim detectors (DVA). A patrol officer will remind you of the key components of an avalanche rescue.

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