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06-09-2018 - 09-09-2018 Omega European Masters

The Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club will host this internationally world-renowned tournament for 71rst time from the 7rst to 10th September 2017.


27-01-2018 - 24-11-2018 Born to read

A la découverte du livre avec les tous-petits et leurs familles

12-07-2018 - 26-08-2018 Summer Bandstand

A new bandstand will provide music on the Place des Charmettes.

14-07-2018 - 14-08-2018 Each Tuesday: Woodcarving workshop

Learn how to whihle wood with a knife and make attractive objects to take home.#grandeurnature

14-07-2018 - 16-08-2018 Each Thursday: How is cheese made?

Discover the secrets of cheese-making and taste each stage in the process. #grandeurnature

14-07-2018 - 19-08-2018 Each Sunday: Hiking, foraging and tasting wild plants

Gather the ingredients to prepare your very own wild tartar. #grandeurnature

14-07-2018 - 20-08-2018 Each Monday: Nordic walking et Fitness nature


20-07-2018 - 24-08-2018 Street Market

These Street Parties take place every Friday from 20th July to 24th August. Rue Louis-Antille and Ycoor, 10:00-19:00

28-07-2018 - 08-09-2018 Sunrise at the Plaine Morte

Sunrise and breakfast at the Plaine Morte

01-08-2018 - 26-08-2018 Cirque au sommet - Machine de cirque

Après le succès populaire l'année dernière, la fameuse troupe canadienne Machine de Cirque s'associe à nouveau au duo de comiques suisses Cuche et Barbezat

14-08-2018 - 16-08-2018 Midsummer with Swiss Made Culture

Midsummer festival with Swiss Made Culture from 14 to 16 August 2018.

14-08-2018 Contemporary dance show

Contemporary dance show

15-08-2018 La fête du ski nautique

Le Beach Club et le ski nautique club de Crans-Montana ont le plaisir de vous annoncer la grande fête du ski nautique le mardi 15 août 2018.

15-08-2018 Fête de la mi-été

Fête de la mi-été au restaurant des Violettes. Au programme raclette et Cor des Alpes.

16-08-2018 L'Instant Lyrique

Crans-Montana Classics and Swiss Made Culture are delighted to invite the soprano Laure Barras and tenor Benjamin Bernheim for a very special concert.

17-08-2018 The Silk Road

Transport the audience to the different cultures that the iconic Silk Road passes through.

24-08-2018 The Night of the Résidence

The general public will be able to select the winning artist in this first edition. They will become an Ambassador for Crans-Montana.

24-08-2018 - 25-08-2018 Van Gogh. Si près de la nuit étoilée. (So close to the starry night) Hussart de Minuit Company. (

To experience the letters between Vincent, his brother Théo, and others

25-08-2018 - 26-08-2018 14th Fiat 500 International Meeting

A meeting for enthusiasts of the little Fiat 5oo and the Vespa, with games and fun in the resort, entertainment and canteens.Free entrance for spectators!

25-08-2018 - 26-08-2018 Sublime Festival

On 25 & 26 August, the Valaisan resort will host the first edition of the Sublime Festival on the banks of Lake Moubra.

25-08-2018 - 26-08-2018 Fête des Prémices

Fête des prémices le 25 et 26 août 2018 à l'Eglise Saint-Maurice de Laques.

31-08-2018 - 01-09-2018 Gruyère Festival

Featuring various artisans from Gruyère and the surroundings. Food & Beverage!

01-09-2018 Journées européennes du patrimoine

Découverte de la Résidence Mischabels à travers les commentaires de Sylvie Galofaro, historienne de l'art et Ewout Gysels, architecte.

02-09-2018 2th Corbyre Golf Open

On Sunday 2 September 2018, take part in the 2nd edition of the Corbyre Golf OPEN. The Corbyre 9 Hole golf course welcomes golfers, even beginners, to

15-09-2018 Le Temps du Cornalin

Every year the Valais celebrates its oldest and most prestigious red wine: the Cornalin. The little hamlet of Flanthey, home of Cornalin.

16-09-2018 The Désalpe

The mythical descent from the mountain pastures with parade, stalls, cheese vendors, raclettes, live music and folklore.

22-09-2018 - 23-09-2018 Jeep-Heep-Heep

Collection of American Jeeps of all makes and models. On-site children’s entertainment.

28-09-2018 Best of the Alps Golf Cup 2018

Best of the Alps Golf Cup 2018

29-09-2018 Trail des Patrouilleurs

4 routes in a very Alpine setting, take part in a team of 2 or 3, and discover scenery which is as varied as it is wild, over routes of 15, 25, 40 or 55 km

29-09-2018 Vie la Vie della Compagnia Interface

Vive la Vie is a complete show combining songs, dance, theatre, circus and music.

Activités hebdomadaires

18-12-2017 - 21-12-2018 Swiss Model Train Museum

Historic collection representing 150 years of Swiss railways (over 1,300HO scale models).

26-05-2018 - 30-09-2018 The Bibi's House

Bibi welcomes children of all ages to his home, which is situated on the golf course throughout the winter. They can take part in numerous activities.

02-06-2018 - 26-08-2018 Beach Club

Beach Club on the Etang Long car park, Cable Wake, supervised bathing, Beach Volleyball and more. From 2 June to 26 August from 11h to 21h.

13-07-2018 - 28-10-2018 Musée Art et Collections - 2 EXPOSITIONS


14-07-2018 - 19-08-2018 Aminona Grandeur Nature

A programme of activities starting from Aminona and in the valley of the Tièche. Suggestions for activities and free weekly programme. #grandeurnature

14-07-2018 - 18-08-2018 Each Saturday: Hike & Yoga

Relaxation and well-being are the name of the game. #grandeurnature

14-07-2018 - 17-08-2018 Every Friday: walk with horses

Every Friday, let Argas and Nuit guide you. This is not horse riding, it’s a walk next to the horses.* #grandeurnature

07-08-2018 - 01-09-2018 Exposition de photo: La vigne en Valais

Exposition de photos et d’objets autour du travail de la vigne.

Agenda local

16-06-2018 - 14-10-2018 Introduction to free flight paragliding

The aim of this course is to explore the world of paragliding free flight in a day !

17-06-2018 - 09-09-2018 Grand Sunday Buffet

Experience an almost endless choice of refined dishes, prepared with expertise and beautifully presented at our Grand Sunday Buffet.

29-06-2018 - 29-08-2018 Wednesday is Winesday au Crans ambassador

Every “Wednesday – Winesday” – Wine tasting with our Chef Sommelier

29-06-2018 - 01-09-2018 Live DJ at the Crans Ambassador

Every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm, a live DJ creates a nice summer atmosphere on the Terrace Valaisanne at the Crans Ambassador.

29-06-2018 - 31-08-2018 Barbecue and Rosé evening at the Crans Ambassador

Every midday at the Terrasse Valaisanne we propose BBQ and rosé. On Fridays and Saturdays BBQ with a live DJ in the Bar Lounge of the hotel.

17-07-2018 - 01-09-2018 What a circus!

The big top's up, welcome to the circus! The youth space makes room for artists for the greatest pleasure of young and old...

19-07-2018 - 09-09-2018 A big bowl of fresh air

Bus ride from the Rawyl dam. Wine and cheese tasting.

21-07-2018 - 15-09-2018 Every Sunday at camping de la Moubra

pig or lamb on a spit at camping de la Moubra

22-07-2018 - 26-08-2018 Yoga

Yoga courses in Cry d'Er facing the panorama with Emilien Badoux, 2014 freeride world champion.

27-07-2018 - 14-08-2018 Bivouac Experience at Plaine Morte

Accompanied by a guide, admire the majestic sunset, set up your base camp, and savour a delicious fondue in natural surroundings before spending the night.

01-08-2018 - 15-08-2018 Brunch at the Colombire pasture

Greedy buffet with unlimited raclette at the Relais de Colombire.

03-08-2018 - 24-08-2018 Sunset Tapas

Admire an imperial sunset flooding the Rhone Valley in a musical ambiance. Tapas until the last rays of sunlight on the terrace Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude.

03-08-2018 - 16-08-2018 Animations sur le thème du cirque

Animations gratuites sur le thème du cirque pour les enfants.

04-08-2018 - 18-08-2018 Fabrication des Produits de l'Alpage

From 6.30am, cheese, tomme and serac making with a typical alp breakfast.

08-08-2018 - 10-10-2018 Jojo music

Dancing evening every Thursday evening from 8pm, Hotel Valaisa. Free admission.

15-08-2018 Evening Coupe Grand Hôtel du Golf & Palace

Big buffet of antipasti, whim of fresh pasta, 5 meats in the broche and big dessert buffet.

15-08-2018 Midsummer festival: Inauguration of the new cellar

Enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere sharing a glass of wine and savouring local produce.

15-08-2018 The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg

A glimpse into the life of an exceptional entrepreneur, diplomat and collector.

16-08-2018 Atelier dégustation de vins

Initation à la dégustation avec la Cave La Romaine à Flanthey.

16-08-2018 Casino Challenge

From 7 am, golf competition in formula 4 stableford balls (team of 2 players) on the course Severiano Ballesteros of Crans-Montana, in partnership with the

16-08-2018 Blues & Rock Live Evening

Evening BLUES & ROCK with live musician. Good atmosphere, burgers, grills, chef's menu

01-09-2018 - 30-10-2018 Mystery Cash Box

Durant les mois de septembre et octobre, participez à notre grand tirage au sort et tentez de gagner l’une de nos Mystery Cash Box !

03-09-2018 - 28-10-2018 Le Coup de Poker du Casino !

Durant les mois de septembre et octobre, jouez gratuitement à nos tournois de poker et tentez de gagner un voyage à Las Vegas ou un stage poker.

08-09-2018 Vente de Fromages

Raclette offerte ! De 10h30 à 12h, au Café de l'Ouest à Montana-Village De 13h30 à 15h, devant l'Edelweiss à Chermignon-d'en-Haut

11-09-2018 Loto gratuit du Casino

De nombreux lots à gagner, dont une TV LED et un week-end à Genève. Un ticket promotionnel de CHF 10.- offert à tous les participants

18-09-2018 - 19-09-2018 Crans-Montana Les100ciels Ladies Trophy

Golf competition open to women. Price: CHF 280.-. Including 2 green fees, refuelling at turn, the aperitif and the Valaisan evening with raclette

19-09-2018 La Roue de la Chance

5 tirages au sort pour tourner notre Roue de la Chance et remporter jusqu’à CHF 200.- de crédits de jeu ou des lots surprises !

Omega European Masters

06-09-2018 - 09-09-2018

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Omega European Masters
  • Summer Bandstand

    12-07-2018 - 26-08-2018

    Plus d'infos
    Summer Bandstand
  • Street Market

    20-07-2018 - 24-08-2018

    Plus d'infos
    Street Market
  • Sunrise at the Plaine Morte

    28-07-2018 - 08-09-2018

    Plus d'infos
    Sunrise at the Plaine Morte
  • Cirque au sommet - Machine de cirque

    01-08-2018 - 26-08-2018

    Plus d'infos
    Cirque au sommet - Machine de cirque
  • Midsummer with Swiss Made Culture

    14-08-2018 - 16-08-2018

    Plus d'infos
    Midsummer with Swiss Made Culture
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