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26-02-2018 - 28-02-2018 European Women's FIS Cup

European Women's FIS Cup from 27.02.2018 to 28.02.2018 in Crans-Montana on the famous slope: Piste du Mont Lachaux.


09-12-2017 - 07-04-2018 Night Skiing

Ski by night ? Dare to try it !

16-12-2017 L'Apé-Rhône FM

Savour the culinary creations of 6 chefs, accompanied by 6 wines carefully selected from some hundred wines available to taste, to delight your tastebuds.

23-12-2017 - 06-01-2018 FunnyLand by loisir Junior Parc

Indoor leisure park for children under 12. Come and have fun on the slides and inflatables.

24-12-2017 Crans-Montana welcomes Santa Clause

The Crans-Montana Society of Artisans and Professionals welcomes Father Christmas.

24-12-2017 - 25-12-2017 Christmas

Santa is skiing on the Crans-Montana slopes ! Find him and his elves, their sleigh is filled with gifts!

25-12-2017 Big Christmas Party

Come and celebrate Christmas with your family! Magical get-together in a festive Christmas ambiance. Place du Scandia, from 4pm until 7pm.

27-12-2017 - 04-04-2018 Crans-Montana Vertical Nights

A new competition, which above all aims to be friendly, fun, passionate and exciting

28-12-2017 - 13-02-2018 Crans-Montana Ice Disco

Ice Disco. Ycoor Ice Rink, 18:00 - 22:00. Free entrance.

28-12-2017 Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #1 - Grand Opening

The Cry d'Er Winter Nights inaugural event not to be missed!

31-12-2017 New Year

Crans-Montana will celebrate the new year with wonderful fireworks and music on the new Ycoor Square, 23:00 - 01:00

01-01-2018 Crans-Montana Classics - New Year Gala Concert

Crans-Montana Classics New Year Gala concert.

02-01-2018 Crans-Montana Classics - Concert for children

Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals.

03-01-2018 Crans-Montana Classics - Jazz Concert

Jazz Concert

07-01-2018 - 02-04-2018 Grand Prix Crans-Montana Junior

Le "Grand Prix Crans-Montana Junior" est une série de courses de ski alpin ouvertes à tous les enfants.

07-01-2018 - 01-04-2018 Hanging breakfast

A 45-minute journey that takes you for an unusual breakfast in suspension between the Plaine Morte’s glacier and Les Violettes, with a breathtaking view.

09-01-2018 - 11-01-2018 EMTS

European Mountain Travel Summit is a world leadership forum, produced by the Mountain Travel Symposium.

12-01-2018 - 13-01-2018 Riders Cup Crans-Montana

Pour la première fois, Crans-Montana va accueillir une Riders Cup, manche des championnats du monde de « Ice Cross Downhill », descente de patin extrême.

13-01-2018 International Hot-Air Balloon Meet

International Hot Air Balloon Meet

13-01-2018 The Nocturne du Loup

The Nocturne du Loup returns this year for an edition which promises to be adrenaline-charged.

14-01-2018 Frédéric LENOIR

Conférence « Plus conscient, plus libre, plus heureux avec Spinoza!

21-01-2018 Winter Trail des patrouilleurs

Der Winter Trail der Patrouilleure Weisser Trail, 20km, 800 Meter positiver Höhenunterschied.

25-01-2018 - 27-01-2018 Quadrimed

Congrès médical organisé par les 4 cliniques de Crans-Montana. Le congrès de Quadrimed est reconnu par PharmaSuisse.

27-01-2018 - 28-01-2018 Snowboard Big Air and Half-Pipe European Cup

Snowboard Big Air and Half-Pipe European Cup

02-02-2018 - 04-02-2018 Winter Golf Cup

For more information:

03-02-2018 - 04-02-2018 Choc Altitude 2018

Festival for all chocoholics, at Le Régent Congress Center (in the centre of the resort).

10-02-2018 Boris Berezovsky and Friends

Boris Berezovsky - The Tsar of the Russian violin

13-02-2018 Carnaval

Big Carnival Party Guggenmusik, ice disco, concerts, Children's entertainment, DJ, après-ski.

14-02-2018 KISS AND WIN

A T-Bar, two people, one kiss, a surprise!

17-02-2018 La Nuit des Neiges

Grand charity gala at the Régent Congress Center.

25-02-2018 Crans-Montana Classics – The Story of Tango

The Story of Tango

10-03-2018 Tables éphémères: Ski Food Safari

Participants are invited to ski, board or snowshoe between stops at different mountain restaurants in the ski area.

10-03-2018 La Matinale des Dames

The first edition of the ski-mountaineering race, the ‘Matinale des Dames’, will take place on the original « Streif des Dames » course on 10 March 2018

17-03-2018 12th Défi des Faverges

12th edition of the Défi des Faverges, an open ski-mountaineering race.

29-03-2018 - 31-03-2018 Wine and local produce fair

Crans-Montana is delighted to offer you the experience of three days totally dedicated to the pleasures of the palate.

30-03-2018 Fondue in the Sky

A pop up dining experience not to be missed! Aboard the Crans-Cry d’Er Telecabines, at sunset, a supra-panoramic flavour given to your fondue dinner.

31-03-2018 - 07-04-2018 Sunrise at 3000m

We're often amazed by the pink of the Alpine summits as the sun reaches them in the early morning.

Activités hebdomadaires

10-01-2017 - 31-12-2017 Swiss Model Train Museum

Historic collection representing 150 years of Swiss railways (over 1,300HO scale models).

23-07-2017 - 01-01-2018 Château de Vaas

Take a tour of the Château de Vaas, the "House of Cornalins", a historic building in the heart of a typical hamlet.

01-12-2017 - 20-05-2018 Exposition

The concept is built around an extraordinary private collection dedicated to contemporary Aboriginal art.

09-12-2017 - 12-05-2018 Guided tour of the exhibition in French

Guided tour of the exhibition in French.

15-12-2017 - 21-05-2018 Exhibition - Gouget

He climbs for pleasure and tells it on canvas.

22-12-2017 - 28-10-2018 Musée Art et Collections - Ramayana


22-12-2017 - 28-10-2018 Art & Collections Museum - Sculptures in Movement

This exhibition, through the dynamics imprinted in the work of this artist, illustrates the pertinence and richness of the link between these two forms of

23-12-2017 - 30-03-2018 Aminona Grandeur Nature

A programme of activities starting from Aminona. Suggestions for activities and free weekly programme. #grandeurnature

23-12-2017 - 27-02-2018 Chaque mardi sortie accompagnée en raquettes à neige (gratuite)

Tous les mardis en haute saison*, sortie accompagnée en raquette à neige de 10h à 12h. #grandeurnature

23-12-2017 - 01-04-2018 The Bibi's House

Bibi welcomes children of all ages to his home, which is situated on the golf course throughout the winter. They can take part in numerous activities.

29-12-2017 - 06-04-2018 Art aborigène. Territoire du Rêve. Visite guidée

Découvrez le Territoire du Rêve à travers une visite culturelle dans l’environnement alpin de Crans-Montana.

Agenda local

29-12-2016 - 28-12-2017 Thursday raclette

Raclette tasting.

01-04-2017 - 23-12-2017 THE FIAT 500

Grande Tombola participez tous les jours du 1er de octobre au samedi 23 décembre, 1 FIAT 500 À GAGNER!

12-10-2017 - 14-12-2017 Japanese food fusion at the Marquise Momiji

On Thursday is Japanese food fusion at the Marquise Momiji. Buffet all you can eat !

06-11-2017 - 20-12-2017 Weeks PIAGET until 30% discount on a selection of products

Weeks PIAGET until 30% discount on a selection of products

08-12-2017 Concert de l'Avent

Concert de l'Avent par le quintet vocal "Les 5 Cop's" de Martigny

10-12-2017 - 01-04-2018 Monk'is Beer Pong Champ

Un Tournoi de Beer Pong Sympa pour clôturer la semaine!

15-12-2017 - 14-04-2018 Live DJ

Every Friday and Saturday, live DJ at the Hotel Bar Lounge, cosy atmosphere guaranteed !

16-12-2017 - 04-02-2018 Ski test


17-12-2017 - 09-09-2018 Grand Sunday Buffet

Experience an almost endless choice of refined dishes, prepared with expertise and beautifully presented at our Grand Sunday Buffet.

23-12-2017 - 08-04-2018 Fat bike

24-12-2017 Christmas Eve Dinner

Join us for our Grand Sunday Lunch Buffet, set to be even grander than usual. In the evening, enjoy a superb five-course Jaanese Fusion meal, with live mu

24-12-2017 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with your family at the Crans Ambassador

25-12-2017 Christmas at Crans Ambassador

Spend a warm Christmas with your family at the Crans Ambassador

25-12-2017 Traditional Christmas Day Lunch

We will be serving a Grand Christmas Buffet. An elegant, yet easy Christmas Lunch, with a few surprises

26-12-2017 - 08-04-2018 Schlittenhunde

sled dog ride

28-12-2017 - 01-04-2018 Snow Groomer's Party

Watch out! The « high decibels » snow groomer will be out and about. To find it, listen carefully for the upbeat sounds! DJ & mobile Bar awaits you!

29-12-2017 Der Männerchor der Bolschoi Don Kosaken

The male choir of the Bolschoi Don Cossaks. the only choir which is composed of exclusively opera soloists.

29-12-2017 Mulled wine at the Château de Vaas

Mulled wine at the Château de Vaas

31-12-2017 New Year's Eve Gala Dinner

Enjoy an exceptional seven-course Japanese Fusion menu, fireworks & dancing.Ilhem Khodja and her musicians will accompany us into the New Year!

31-12-2017 New Year at Crans Ambassador

Celebrate the New Year with an exceptional dinner in an outstanding ambiance

31-12-2017 ALLA GRANDE

The 31 of the Casino is back, this year is BLACK AND WITHE! Come to discovery!

31-12-2017 Nouvel An au Monk'is

Fête de Nouvel An

01-01-2018 New Year’s Day Buffet

We will celebrate with our traditional Grand New Year's Day Buffet, with live music

06-01-2018 Orthodox Christmas Epiphany Dinner

Join us for a special celebration in honour of the Orthodox Christmas celebrations. Enjoy a Japanese Fusion menu at Mizuki by Kakinuma accompanied by live

04-02-2018 - 11-03-2018 Avalanche Victim Detector Park

Avalanche Victim Detector Park Come refresh your avalanche victim research skills! A patrolman will remind you of the key gestures of an avalanche rescue.

13-02-2018 Carnival

In the evening enjoy a buffet of Brazilian delights all while watching professional Samba dancers.

14-02-2018 Saint Valentine’s Day Dinner

Treat your loved one to a Valentine's Dinner Menu in Mizuki by Kakinuma, accompanied by live music

17-02-2018 Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #3 - Oh so French ! - Feder & Blutch

Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #3 - Oh so French ! - Feder & Blutch. Experience an unforgettable gastronomic & musical experience at more than 2000m.

24-02-2018 Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #4 - Wild Card Night

Cry d'Er Winter Nights Session #4 - Surprise Party. Experience an unforgettable gastronomic & musical experience at more than 2000m of altitude.

Audi FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup Ladies 2018 Crans-Montana

03-03-2018 - 04-03-2018

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Audi FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup Ladies 2018 Crans-Montana
  • Night Skiing

    09-12-2017 - 07-04-2018

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    Night Skiing
  • Test our ski instructors

    16-12-2017 - 16-12-2017

    Plus d'infos
    Test our ski instructors
  • L'Apé-Rhône FM

    16-12-2017 - 16-12-2017

    Plus d'infos
    L'Apé-Rhône FM
  • FunnyLand by loisir Junior Parc

    23-12-2017 - 06-01-2018

    Plus d'infos
    FunnyLand by loisir Junior Parc
  • Crans-Montana welcomes Santa Clause

    24-12-2017 - 24-12-2017

    Plus d'infos
    Crans-Montana welcomes Santa Clause