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Crans-Montana ABSOLUTELY

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  • _racine: Crans-Montana Absolutely
    Crans-Montana Absolutely
  • _racine: Crans-Montana Absolutely
    Crans-Montana Absolutely
  • _racine: Crans-Montana Absolutely
    Crans-Montana Absolutely
  • _racine: Crans-Montana Absolutely
    Crans-Montana Absolutely

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Crans-Montana ABSOLUTELY

On Thursday 19 May 2016, Crans-Montana Tourism and Congress announced at the Pierre-Arnaud Art Foundation, the launch of a new brand concept for the destination and the unique universe it encompasses . A concept which redefines the identity, foundations and essentials of the Crans-Montana brand through new visuals, pledges and a commitment charter targeted at all stakeholders in the destination.


Samuel Bonvin, marketing and events manager at Crans-Montana Tourism & Congress, replies to a few questions in order to tell us concretely what the new Crans-Montana brand concept represents.


Why launch a new Crans-Montana brand and what does it represent for the destination?

Crans-Montana, due to its history and development, offers several different facets and countless activities to a multitude of different clients. This is a huge resource, and certainly a superb opportunity for its development, but it can also result in an identity problem, particularly if stakeholders aren't united by the same vision and values. Are we «ski and golf» or rather a «luxury» destination? What are the geographical limits of our region ? etc. All of these questions within the destination means that the perception from outside isn't clear. If we want to regain our reputation and attractiveness, then we have to redefine the foundations, the essentials of the brand and in this way convey a unique promise to the client, who'll be able to distinguish us from others.



What are the values, the vision and the mission of this new brand?

The Crans-Montana of tomorrow wants to be a genuine place for both residents and visitors to gather. We'd like to be a crossroads for our guests, an intersection between Nature, Sport, Culture and Carpe Diem, where everyone is able to enjoy privileged and extraordinary moments, whether it's a «mountain experience» or «urban lifestyle». One of the things that will enable Crans-Montana to achieve its vision is control of the service chain, so that a client isn't simply sold a product, but has an unforgettable experience throughout all of their stay. The values which represent the brand have been the same since the beginning: authenticity, excellence, openness, solid regional roots, friendliness and uniqueness.



Where does Crans-Montana want to position itself via this new step?

Crans-Montana isn't a ski resort. Crans-Montana is an Alpine region with such diversity that it is unique in the world, because it stretches from the Plaine Morte Glacier (alt. 3,000m) to the Rhone Valley (alt. 500m). This natural and cultural wealth means that every resident and client is able to enjoy an absolute experience throughout all 4 seasons. If all those involved in tourism in the 6 communes share these treasures, by offering a special welcome and relationship with clients, Crans-Montana will, without a doubt, become a destination that is different from others, without having to position itself as «ski» or «golf».



What is concretely going to change for guests and partners in the destination?

Beyond the new visual identity and the slogan «Absolutely», it is mainly a change in direction, a change in the way we approach internal relationships between partners in a unique destination brand, a change which is for the sole benefit of our clients' experience. Our clientele must be at the centre of all considerations. Before, during and after their stay, clients shouldn't just be getting answers geared to their expectations, they should also be given new suggestions, with high added value, that they cannot get in other destinations.


Explain the slogan Absolutely? Why choose this word?

The signature of the «Absolutely» brand illustrates in just one term a personality, our positioning, a pledge and therefore a commitment. It is the absolute diversity of a whole region, the total abundance of Nature, Sports, Culture and possibilities to Relax. The Crans-Montana experience cannot be restricted to just one term, it is by definition absolute. Lastly, it's the best reply to give to all of our guests' requests. Absolutely.


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