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An astonishingly rich artistic thread reveals itself in the galleries here

Moonboots and the visual arts are not entirely incompatible. Crans-Montana illustrates this perfectly with an extraordinary density of art galleries for a mountain resort : a dozen places are dedicated to art fans and collectors, places where everyone can admire internationally renowned artists (Tornabuoni Arte) as well as new talent, either from the region or elsewhere. « Crans-Montana is a unique place. Here, I’ve managed to recreate what galleries were thirty years ago : a place to meet and speak to collectors. Some come from far afield just to consult our catalogue collections», says the Florentine gallery owner, Roberto Casamonti.


Galerie d'art: Art Crans-Montana

Enjoy internationally renowned artists, praised on Akoun and in Drouot, and withreferences on Artprice.

Rue Théodore Stéphani 3

3963 Crans-Montana

Galerie d'art: Lamarque In Galerie

Objets décoratifs en résine, sculptures, tableaux, photographies, ameublement.

Rue du Prado 2

3963 Crans-Montana

Galerie Galantica

Galantica Gallery

Route du Rawyl 25

3963 Crans-Montana

Galerie: Absolute Gallery

Rue du Prado 16

3963 Crans-Montana

Galerie: Tornabuoni Arte

Contemporary Art Gallery: Masters of the 20th century: Pablo Picasso, Joan Mirò, Lucio Fontana, Fernando Botero...

Rue Centrale 5

3963 Crans-Montana

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