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Les liqueurs et sirops du Grand-Père Cornut

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Les liqueurs et sirops du Grand-Père Cornut

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Les liqueurs et sirops du Grand-Père Cornut

Ponteille 12

3975 Randogne


For 25 years I offer homemade, natural products.


More than 70 different liqueurs, including a new luxury line on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary

- Desert of Gobi: apricots, williams pear, raspberry, ginger, vervain essence,
10 different types of liquor
8 different sugar (very hot specialty, chilies, 17 herbs, orange, etc.)
18 types of syrup (apricot, pine cones, elderberry, raspberry, blueberry, cassis, etc...).
truffles, 5 types of chocolate with the Desert de Gobi taste


I only use fruits from my cultivation on 1120m altitude, on the right side of the Rhone.
- mountain fruits
- large fruits
- aromatic plants
- honey
- roots

- wild mountain plants
- herbs


I'm the only mountain farmer in the Valais on the right side of the Rhone, whose liquors and other products are 100 % natural produce.


... Summer Street Festival in Montana, every Friday in July and August
- Wine Fair in Aywailles near Liège, Belgium
- Foire du Valais, Booth 108, in early October. UNIQUE ... not to be missed.
- Fête de la Chataigne in Fully
- Village market in Verbier, Haudères, Evolène, La Sage etc ...
- Gouts et Terroirs in Bulle from 28 October to 01 November
- St-Catherine in Sierre
- Christmas Market in Neuchâtel


New Release
White beer with lemon liqueur from Grand-Père Cornut

Opening hours

Call for reservations.

Brands representing
Liqueurs et Sirops du Grand-Père Cornut . -Désert de Gobi (nouvelle gamme de Luxe ,élaborée sur deux ans)
Additional services

Hotel table from January to June, on reservation.

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