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Il était une fois...

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    Il était une fois
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Il était une fois...

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Il était une fois...

Rue du Prado 9

3963 Crans-Montana


Russian Tea House ‘Il était une fois’, the new tea room in Crans-Montana.


Located in the middle of the Galeries du Prado, next to Wood lounge bar, ‘Il était une fois’ welcomes you in a chic and cosy atmosphere, with a Russian ballet theme. Yelena Chabanian is in charge, offering a selection of some forty different teas, herbal teas, coffees and hot chocolate to savour with scones, cakes and home made pastries.


She will also introduce you to Russian specialities: blinis, caviar, pirozkhi, coulibiac.


Spend a delicious moment out of time, a delight for all the senses, as Yelena’s soundtrack is a selection of concertos by the great Russian composers.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday : 12:30 - 18:30

Brands representing

Patisseries orientales Vivel, porcelaine impériale de Saint-Petersbourg, caviar Iranien, thés et tisanes  en vrac .

Additional services
Takeaway: loose tea, pastries, imperial porcelain.
The Partner has sent us his last update on 10-05-2020

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