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Magical experiences

The magic of winter in the mountains

Although the Etoile Bella Lui festival is over for this season, lots of other magical experiences based on the world of « The Shepherd and the Bella Lui Star » legend await you. Immersed in natural surroundings and guided by twinkling lanterns, stroll along the lantern path for an enchanting must-see experience, especially after dark. Dive into a world of dreams thanks to our storytellers, who will introduce you to fabulous mountain legends on storytelling walks. Visit the typical mountain huts in the lantern village, where little ones can share their dreams with the Bella Lui fairy, by leaving them in the dream box. They can also light up the music box, thanks to the “In search of the Bella Lui Star” treasure hunt, by following the clues scattered along the path. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to book an exceptional evening and moment out of time in one of the picturesque mountain huts in the lantern village. On the programme: conviviality, sharing, mulled wine, Valais specialities and unlimited raclette !

Our magical experiences

chasse au tresor crans-montana

In search of the Bella Lui star

Set off to search for the «Bella Lui» star on a thrilling treasure hunt, dotted with clues and riddles, that will lead you towards the light. Pick up everything you need for the treasure hunt at the tourist office.

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chemin des lanternes crans-montana

Lantern Path

Once it is dark, let yourself be guided by the magical spirit of the lantern path. A magical, freely accessible walk on the Jack Nicklaus golf course, which will take you back to childhood.

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Gourmet evenings in the Lantern Village

In the middle of the magical Lantern Path, experience an unforgettable evening in an enchanting setting by booking one of the typical mountain huts in the lantern village (for groups of 10 or more).

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Storytelling walks

Be amazed on a walk along the magical Lantern Path, accompanied by a storyteller who will tell you about the *Shepherd and the Bella Lui Star*, as well as sharing other stories from the region.

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