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A chef, a recipe: Pierre Crepaud

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    Un chef une recette Pierre Crepaud

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A chef, a recipe: Pierre Crepaud

Crans-Montana and Morand are joining forces to offer you a chance to discover superb recipes concocted by the best chefs in the region. They will be paying tribute to quality local produce through their passion for and love of gastronomy, and each one will be proposing a succulent recipe in a video.
Every month, you'll discover a chef, a recipe !  
   Pierre Crepaud and his Fera from Lake Geneva 
  We set off to meet Pierre Crepaud, who is French originally, but also in love with Valais, having spent almost half of his life in Crans-Montana. This keen athlete, who is passionate about the mountains, needs no introduction in the world of gastronomy. Chef of Le Mont Blanc restaurant, today he presents his own personal recipe : a Fera from Lake Geneva processed in two manners.

1 Michelin Guide star
17 points out of 20 in Gault Millau


Which recipe are you going to present today? What produce have you decided to work with, and why?
A Fera From Lake Geneva breaded with a thin sheet of crisp bread, a texture around Romanesco cabbage, mayonnaise with peppers from the hilltops, and condiment from Armoise du valais, with toasted bread, as well as a candy of Fera made with Douce de Williamine and fresh herbs, served with a mayonnaise with peppers from the hilltops. 


What produce do you like to cook with, and why ?
I like things to change, to let recipes evolve, I haven't really got a signature dish. Despite this, I do sometimes keep some recipes on the menu. For a long time when I really feel that they're perfect, for example, my Langoustine, organic eggs or beef.


Is there anything that you absolutely could not do without in your cuisine?
I like working with shellfish, Lake fish, local Beef, vegetables and citrus fruit... As wel las products that have an identity and which I've carefully studied from the ground to the market, which is a prerequisite for cooking them to perfection.


A dish from your childhood ?
My mother's famous gratin dauphinois thats she would make every sunday morning, and... floating Island: I love the lightness of the egg white and the creaminess of the crème anglaise... It's my version of Proust's Madeleine.


Was becoming a chef an obvious choice ?
I was impressed as a child by the happy atmosphere at the dinners that my parents organised for me, cooking as halways bee nsynonymous with pleasure, joy and a sense of pride. When I started cooking, I was caught out by how difficult the job actually was, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by caring individuals in the different teachers during my apprenticeships. Being a chef is an incredible career, reassessing everything every time we serve a meal, sharing, expertise, team spirit, respecting the produce.


Are you more : local or exotic flavours? Tradition or innovation ?
A mix of both, of course. I'm going to be honest: culinary technique bores me. I don't appreciate it. You need it, of course, but I work with feeling... Tsste takes precedence, the humans involved, the story of a dish... (but shhh, don't tell anyone...).


Why did you choose Crans-Montana for your work?
I have two passions, Nature and cooking, and I love the authenticity of the mountains, so when I was offered this position as chef in Crans-Montana, I went for it. Even when I was very young, I always wanted to climb to the top of mountains, I felt suffocated in towns. Up there, at least I could breathe, see further: My childhood dream as come true!


Your culinary influences or inspirations?
Inspiration comes from my travels, the people I meet, the people I work with, my desires and the seasons.


Your greatest gastronomic encounter?
Every day with my clients in Le Mont Blanc restaurant, and the first time that my children came to eat in my restaurant was definitely my best encounter, and discovery, for them and for me.


An anecdote to share with us ?
Hundreds but I prefer to end with an advice for amateurs or young chefs starting their career: to cook with the seasons and nature. You don't cook tomatoes in february. It's not us who are the starts, it's the produce.


Video of Pierre Crepaud's Recipe

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