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Very Good Trip 14th or 15th October

From the vine to wine

In a wonderful setting in the middle of vineyards, and in the authentic atmosphere of a Valais cellar, take part in a Very Good Trip experience which takes place in the heart of an area which creates the best wine in the region. Throughout the day, discover how grapes are transferred to the bottle, with explanations from passionate vintners. First of all, plunge into the grape harvest or work in the cellar – pressing, stalking, fermentation. After finding out about this process, visit the cellar, and then enjoy an excellent wine-tasting with commentary. End your half-day with a raclette.

Dates: October the 14th or the 15th


  • 8h30 Welcome and introduction to the cellar and its vineyard 
  • 9h00 Grape harvesting or pressing in the cellar, depending on weather conditions 
  • 11h00 Visit to the cellar and wine presentation
  • 11h30 Wine tasting followed by a raclette.



Very Good Trip?

Does the barista at your favourite café call you by your first name and do you no longer need to read the menu at the restaurant since you know it by heart?

Say good-bye to routine!

Crans-Montana energizes you to live new sensations, discover select places, meet passionate professionals, and offers experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Now you can make the most of the beauty of each season – and of a variety of choices unique to each month; Crans-Montana brings you the monthly Very Good Trip event. At each month’s start, Crans-Montana will unveil a brand new activity inviting you to view the area in a different light. Sign up now before it’s too late – Very Good Trips are remarkable and places are limited!

VGT – Let yourself go!

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From the first night you spend in Crans-Montana, you’ll receive your very own advantage card and enjoy lots of free activities. Cable cars, transport, swimming pool, mini golf, pedalos, … explore Crans-Montana and its mountains like never before.

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